offshore services: Hawaii and Puerto Rico
Whether by air or ocean, we’ve got you covered
Local insights make all the difference
Offshore Offices
Shipping offshore? With full-service air and ocean offices in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Stevens is your best choice.

Working 24/7/365, our customer service personnel have the local island knowledge to expertly handle all your inbound or outbound freight.

Once shipments arrive, our team covers the details to ensure that deliveries are made correctly and
on time.

Extra Care. Extra Protection
To ensure your consolidated freight to Hawaii and Puerto Rico is protected from the elements, and to reduce claims, we wrap it to create a water tight seal. First we raise the freight off the airline pallet using wooden skids, then we enclose the entire pallet with heavy duty plastic wrap.

In Honolulu, Hawaii
•  Service 24/7/365
•  LAX-HNL blocked space for
   next day and two day air freight
•  Three day to five day air service
•  Domestic ocean services
•  Inter-island freight services
•  Eight local cartage trucks
In San Juan, Puerto Rico
•  Service 24/7/365
•  12,000 sq. ft. facility at
   SJU Airport
•  Air Freight Services
   covering the entire Island
  - Next day
  - 2-day
  - 3-day
  - Deferred
•  Domestic Ocean services


If the Waybill Number is not found, please
contact your local Stevens office. Thank you.