What's the smartest way to handle your freight, regardless of distance, method or complexity? How does Stevens step outside the box to streamline your business and simplify your day?

The answer is Flex-Ship
Flex-Ship is an innovative approach that delivers customized bundling of our shipping and logistics services to solve problems and accomplish your goals.

Flex-Ship delivers:
• Streamlined shipping and   distribution

• Increased agility, profitability   and competitiveness

• Stevens’ personalized   customer service

• Simplified and accurate   billing

• Comprehensive tracking   options

But what makes Stevens Flex-Ship™ so different?
We’re large enough to tackle ALL your domestic and international freight needs, yet small enough to provide creative, unique solutions.

Stevens has a unique team approach with experts in all types of transport and delivery. Plus, we’ve invested in the technology to support complex multi-product programs.

Quite simply, Stevens Flex-Ship™ is more than just a way to move your goods. It’s a way to move your business ahead. Let a Stevens representative show you more.

See Flex-Ship in action >>


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