Recently, we have been made aware of a number of phishing emails targeted at Transportation email addresses coming from "Rudy Cano" inquiring about Delivery Support or a Warehousing Facility opportunity. The email contains contents similar to the following:

Dear sir,

My name is Rudy Cano, Financial Director-Corp Acctg,(Stevens Global Logistics, Inc.), here in US. As to how we got your contact information, the firm is currently seeking a warehouse facility provider, as a result we enlisted the services of our communication department, amongst the information sent in yours was inclusive.

Looking forward to reading back from you.

Best regards

Rudy Cano
<*** This is a false email ***>

What is phishing?

Phishing is an attempt to deceive an individual into divulging personal and financial information, usually by directing you to a website and requesting you to provide personal information. In this case the attempt is procure your services fraudulently. What to do if you received a phishing message: Do not provide any information to the source and delete the message immediately.

If you believe you received a questionable email, please forward it to mailto: FRAUD@STEVENSGLOBAL.COM